News for Burkhart Creek County Park

What's happening at the Park:

Planting Indigenous Grasses & Wildflowers

In order to support the MCPRB's goal that the Burkhart Creek Park reflect Indiana's indigenous plant and wildlife, plans were made to replant the northern pasture with native grasses and wildflowers. "The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program" helped by providing seeds enough to cover the 15 acres targeted for the native no-till drilling. The following native prairie seeds were planted in May 2012:


  1. Little Bluestem
  2. Sideoats grama
  3. Virginia Wildrye
  4. Canada Wildrye
  5. Indian Grass
  6. Big Bluestem
  7. Switchgrass

Wildflowers (Forbs/ Legumes)

  1. Gray-headed Coneflower
  2. Prairie Coneflower
  3. Smooth Blue Aster
  4. Illinois Bundleflower
  5. Partridge Pea
  6. Purple Coneflower
  7. Black-eyed Susan
  8. Prairie Blazing Star
  9. New England Aster
  10. Butterfly Milkweed
  11. Floxglove Beardedtongue
  12. Maximillan Sunflower
  13. Wild Bergamont

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