Guidelines for Waverly Park

Here are the guidelines for Waverly Park.

  1. Do not injure or damage any structure, rock, tree, flower, bird or wild animal within the Park (See No. 2). Do NOT gather limbs, brush or trees (either dead or alive) for firewood! It MUST be allowed to remain to rebuild the natural habitat.
  2. Please leave the park as beautiful as you found it. Plants, animals and other property need to remain in the park for all to enjoy.
  3. Any firearm, BB gun, paintball gun, air gun, CO2 gun, bow and arrow, or spear gun in possession in Burkhart Creek County Park must be unloaded or un-nocked and stored in a case or locked within a vehicle except when participating in an activity authorized by written permit.
  4. All dogs must be on a leash and under control of their owner. Please pick up after your pets.
  5. There shall be no vending or advertising without permission from the Morgan County Parks and Recreation Board.
  6. Youth groups must be under adult supervision.
  7. You may cook on the grills provided at the park, but please do not bring grills or start fires anywhere else. Also, fireworks are not permitted in the park.
  8. Pull off roads while observing wildlife. Feeding of wildlife is prohibited.
  9. Use of metal detectors is prohibited.
  10. Help us protect the natural setting by keeping vehicles on designated roads and parking areas. Four-wheelers, ATV's, off-road vehicles and golf carts may not be used in the park.
  11. No horses are allowed on the grounds of the park.
  12. Bicycles are OK on the asphalt only.
  13. If you carry something into the park, please carry it out when you leave.
  14. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the park.

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