Waverly Park: Development Plan

WHAT: Waverly Park Development Plan
PLAN: Developed by Green3, Indianapolis, IN
WHERE: Waverly, IN

Waverly Park Site Plan

The proposed 55-acre Waverly County Park is located in a floodplain at the site of historic downtown Waverly. In 2008, severe flooding destroyed many properties on the site and made most of the remaining structures uninhabitable. In the wake of this disaster, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided Morgan County with grant funds to clear the site of unusable structures and to prepare it for future use as a public park. The county was also able to direct riverboat tax funds toward the acquisition of property on the historic site. These funds set the stage for the planning process to begin in earnest in 2013.

The design of the Waverly County Park began with the compilation and review of documents related to the town’s history and an analysis of site conditions. These elements were used to assemble three broad programmatic concepts that proposed a variety of potential uses for the site. These included:

  1. a focus on the town’s recent history which is reflected in the four remaining historic structures
  2. a “living museum” of the area’s history dating back to pioneer and Native American eras
  3. a recreation-based plan containing play fields for organized sports

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